There are abundant high quality oil and gas opportunities globally for an agile, skilled and experienced operator.

Tec Resources Ltd is a newly established company formed for the purpose of capitalising on this opportunity set to build a valuableĀ  production business.

We are focused on opportunities that offer immediate production, or existing discoveries that can be rapidly developed and monetised

Who we are and what we do


Experienced Management

Our multi-disciplinary management team has a successful track recordĀ  growing, funding and operating production businesses in excess of 100,000 boepd.

offshore oil rig at sunset

Production & development focus

We aim to grow through the acquisition and subsequent development of upstream assets, leveraging our experience to optimise field performance and improve efficiency.

Asia. Shaded relief map. Colored according to vegetation. Includes a clip path for the land area.
Projection Lambert Conic Conformal 80/30/50/60
Extents: 52/-10/195/35r
Data source: NASA

Corporate Responsibility

It is the operating philosophy of Tec Resources to adopt a proactive stance towards ESG, restructuring operations where required with the intention of realising meaningful improvements in carbon emissions and, where achievable, carbon neutrality.

We are an integrity based company with a clear set of principles.

A responsible partner
of choice

Our management have a long established network of partners, suppliers, capital providers and advisors in our geographies of focus. We have forged a strategic relationship with a number of these including those representing large and diverse segments of the population. Our partners and stakeholders share our objectives and values, they recognise how our strategy will contribute positively to national economies and host communities through shared value creation and responsible development of hydrocarbon resources.