We are committed to ensuring that Tec Resources is recognised as a responsible organisation with high CR performance standards

Maintaining high standards will be a key enabler for the business to successfully grow to the benefit of all stakeholders, whose concerns and aspirations we must also understand if we are to develop long-standing, successful relationships.

We define CR within three key areas:

  • Host community engagement and social investment
  • Environment, health, safety and risk management
  • Corporate governance and business ethics

Host community engagement and social investment

  • Promote an ongoing proactive engagement with host communities for a peaceful co-existence in order to create an enabling environment for Tec’s operations

  • Where host community relations may have lapsed or deteriorated, initiate a reconnection programme 

  • Establish what is needed vs. wanted with an inclusive approach

– Prioritise capacity building

– Employment opportunities

– Healthcare and education

  • Ensure compliance with local content regulations

  • Transparent and auditable social investments

Environment, health, safety and risk management

  • Abide by international best-practice environmental management standards rather than just abiding by local regulations

  • Perform regular environmental impact assessments to identify any and all risks, and maintain emergency preparedness and response plans

  • Aim to eliminate events that may lead to injury and losses through identifying, assessing and mitigating health and safety risks

    – Hazard identification studies
    – Hazard and operability studies

  • Require that all contractors adopt the same standards and principles and align EHS programmes

  • Meet the security challenges to provide a safe and secure workplace by having a comprehensive security programme in place

Corporate governance and business ethics

  • Comply with all governmental laws, rules and regulations applicable to the business

  • Fully aware of the UK Bribery Act and US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; ensure adequate compliance procedures are in place to prevent corrupt practices

  • Retain tight control over key areas of susceptibility (i.e. Blind procurement and payments systems)

  • Remain current and up to date with all royalty and tax payments (ensuring good standing of licenses) and pay all invoices and loans on time

  • No political alignment and zero political donations policy

  • Require that all contractors and suppliers comply with our business ethics