Strategic focus on mature field production

We aim to play to our collective strengths by focusing effort on opportunities where we are competitively advantaged, have an in depth understanding of the subsurface, can apply our extensive technical, financial, commercial and operational expertise to create, add and realise value whilst forging strong relationships with key stakeholders.

We have identified potential opportunity sets against which we can leverage our combined skills and expertise to secure low-cost reserves and high-margin long life production that can yield strong cash generation, in particular:

  • Proven and prolific hydrocarbon geology
  • Established infrastructure and readily available oilfield services
  • Accessible to international operators
  • A liquid asset market providing strong deal-flow
  • Limited universe of mid-market competitors
  • Numerous under-developed or overlooked assets
  • The right opportunities can deliver low cost barrels and generate exceptional returns

Growth in proved oil reserves

Growth in proved gas reserves

Focus on assets in production or at late appraisal / development stage that can be rapidly brought onstream.

A stringent set of investment parameters against which opportunities are benchmarked and high-graded